Battling the Wind

Trying to make it a point to fish at least once every weekend. Be it saltwater in the boat or walking around ponds for some big bass.

On Saturday my wife and I decided to take my little Carolina Skiff JV13CC out for some morning fishing. We were quickly alerted by my friends that St. Johns County had a lake wind advisory. Knew it was going to be a rough day.

After arriving to the creek we realized that my trolling motor was going to have to struggle to move us against the current and wind. This still didn’t turn off of from fishing. There isn’t many days that I have the entire creek to myself.

Brought three different rods, popper cork, topwater, and jig rigged. The wind was too mighty for the popper cork and topwater. Decided to switch over to the pole with a 1/4 oz red-headed jig with a 4” copper Berkly Gulp shrimp.

Pushed further back into the creek to escape the wind. This allowed me to cast the jig where it would settle on the bottom allowing me to work it. Several cast in I hooked a 15” seatrout.

After covering the smaller fingers of the creek, I moved into the main channel. This was harsh! My 55lb thrust Minn Kota was struggling to move us up the creek. I maneuvered the boat to hug the side sheltered by the wind and power drifted down the opposite side.

Using this method I was able to cast ahead of the boat targeting areas that where I felt fish would hold up to snag smaller fish caught in the current. This paid off with a 18” Redfish.

After landing the Redfish I was wore out fighting with the wind. Started on our trek back to the dock on the white capped infested ICW.

All-in-all, did ok for fighting 25+ mph winds.

18" Redfish and 15" Seatrout